Daily homework assignments are written out on the whiteboard each day and students are expected to write these assignments in their Homework Agenda by the end of the day. Homework will be posted on this website under the Homework tab by 4:00 each day.  Students should be practicing their math facts every day.  I can’t stress enough how important it is for children to develop and maintain proficiency with their math facts.  For this reason, please ensure that your child is practicing their facts throughout the week.

Tests and Quizzes:

*  I ask that parents review ALL returned quizzes and tests with their child. Errors must be corrected, preferably in red pencil.  These tests should be signed and returned within the next two days.

*  Math – We will have a timed quiz once a week on either addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.  

*  Religion – We will have a chapter quiz each Friday.  There is also a Unit test after every four or five chapters.

*  Social Studies – We will have a vocabulary quiz and a chapter test at the end of each chapter. 


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