Parents, Please be sure your child is prepared to succeed in school today.  That includes something as simple as sharpened pencils and required school supplies.     

Important:  Please remember that these assignments are for my classes only.  If your child has Mrs. Mish, Mrs. Nagalkar, or Mrs. Barrett, please check their website.  Their links are on my Home page.

January 27, 2020

Parents, Please check and sign your child's Agenda every night.

SouperBowl 2020:  This SouperBowl season we will be collecting 
cozy gear for those in need of warmth!  Please send in new socks, gloves, scarves, and hats by Thursday.


Homeroom:  Please correct all tests and quizzes with your child in red pencil.  Please sign their work.

Religion:  Chapter 13 Quiz Thursday

Math 2nd Period:   Log 

                                 Math Maintenance Sheet #1 due Thursday.

                                 Workbook Page 245 # 1, 2, 4, 5 - show your model

                                                                                                                       Math 3rd Period:   Log

                                Math Maintenance Sheet #1 due Thursday.

                                Workbook Page 194 #7, 8, 9 - show your model.


Social Studies (206 & 207):  Packet Page 39 due tomorrow.  You must use your book.

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